Top 10 things people say to me at work

This is a top ten list of the things people say to us at work. No particular order, just as I thought of them.  In brackets are my normal replies (often unspoken or I’d soon be an ex-paramedic).   A short, light blog as funny top ten lists seem to be the in thing on social media right now.

  1. I couldn’t do your job. (On a good day: awww thanks.  On a bad day: I don’t think I can do my job either any longer)!
  2. How long have you been an ambulance driver? (Driver?? We do a bit more than just drive…).
  3. You must see some sights. (Yeeeeees you could say that!).
  4. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen? (My alarm clock flashing at silly o’clock in the morning).
  5. When do you finish your shift? (As soon as possible, normally 12½-13 hours after we started it).
  6. Is it quiet for you today/tonight? (Have to resist the urge to strangle anyone who says this, we don’t say the ‘Q’ word, even if it is. We’re a superstitious lot and believe saying the ‘Q’ word will jinx any nice shift immediately).
  7. Bet you get a good sleep at work on nightshifts. (I wish we did).
  8. Bet you get fed up of the drunken idiots (often said by someone who is drunk and doesn’t realise that they are being an idiot).
  9. It’s like a mini hospital in here. (Yes, a hospital in the midst of an earth quake with some of my colleague’s driving).
  10. Are we there yet? (OK, so this is mainly my kids in my car, not patients at work).

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