Shout out to the volunteers

Just want to give a ‘shout out’ to all the volunteers who give up their spare time to help the people in the local community.

People may not realise but in my local area there are a team of local people who have taken time out of their lives to train up, at no charge, to help out the ambulance service to help people in their local communities.

Community First Responders (CFR) and Enhanced Community First Responders (ECFR) have undertaken training (in their own time and for no charge) to levels up to Emergency Medical Technician.   They are given ambulance kit including basic life support equipment (ventilation bag/masks and various airway support equipment and an automatic defibrillator).  They then make themselves available in their free time to respond to emergencies in their local communities.  Due to the incredible pressures on the ambulance service the CFR/ECFR’s often arrive at the scene of a 999 call before the ambulance and can start the assessment and treatment of the patient, then when the ambulance arrives they help the ambulance crews up to the point where the patient is loaded up on the ambulance and set off for hospital.  In a time critical patient where every second waiting for treatment to start reduces the chances of the patient surviving these CFR/ECFR’s can make all the difference!

I also tip my hat to the volunteers in the local mountain rescue teams who are always on hand to help us out in the more remote locations.  In the few days a year where a few inches of snow restrict our ambulances to the cleared main roads, mountain rescue volunteers have helped us get to patients through the snow in their 4 wheel drive vehicles.  They’ve even had to tow the occasional ambulance when it’s got stuck in a snow drift (not me!!).

I respect all volunteers who give their time to help their local communities and have only talked about the above as the ones I know about and work with.  There are also many other people who help in all areas of our communities in their own time and at no charge who many of us probably know nothing about.  I salute you all.

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